“Great meals rarely start at points that all look like beginnings. They usually pick up where something else leaves off… Meals’ ingredients must be allowed to topple into one another like dominos. Broccoli stems, their florets perfectly boiled in salty water, must be simmered with olive oil and eaten with shaved Parmesan on toast; their leftover cooking liquid kept for the base for soup, studded with other vegetables, drizzled with good olive oil, with the rind of the Parmesan added for heartiness. This continuity is the heart and soul of cooking.” 

Tamar Adler, An Everlasting Meal

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Good Food, Good Company

We believe that sitting down and breaking bread with others is the simplest way to share experiences and build community. We have been lucky enough to live in places known for their wonderful cuisine and wonderful people – from New Orleans and San Francisco to Napoli and Barcelona – and we try to take a little bit of each one’s unique flavor with us.

We consider cooking and eating two of life’s greatest joys, and we want to share that with other people. We are but humble home cooks and enthusiastic eaters. We don’t make deconstructed anything or add modernist foams to our dishes, but we do love a homemade stock and any recipe passed down from anyone’s mama.

A beautiful meal doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or intimidating.  Sometimes all you need is crusty bread, a hunk of good cheese, some bright odds and ends fresh from the market and a healthy helping of olive oil and red wine. Our goal with Traveling To Taste is to make cooking a simple and relaxed experience you can savor and enjoy.

We love to connect people to good food and good friends, and we hope to share a meal with you soon. ¡Buen provecho!

– Gillian and Brian